Quartz Casino is a gambling establishment that is located in Quartz City, Nevada.

Quartz Casino is a gambling establishment that is located in Quartz City, Nevada.

Quartz Casino Ratings and Recommendations

A famous lyricist once said, “All that glitters ain’t gold,” which means that all that shines is not always gold. You may call him Prince, or The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, or even Symbol, if your cultural sensibilities aren’t quite in sync with mainstream music and other such things.

In his defense, quartz, for example, is the second most plentiful mineral in the Earth’s continental crust, and when exposed to the correct light, it may glitter as brightly as any valuable stone or metal on the planet. Given its widespread use, you may be wondering why someone would want to name an online casino after it in the first place. We’re not sure either—perhaps it’s because the riches contained inside this virtual gambling lair are really abundant. Perhaps it’s because it’s simply another casino site amid a sea of other casino sites on the internet.

More than likely, they just didn’t put much effort into the name, other from the fact that QuartzCasino is a very excellent sounding name. Fundamentally, it doesn’t matter where you stand on the issue. So, let’s get started with the review.

The first impressions I get of this one are mostly positive. You have a vivid backdrop picture of a metropolis illuminated by neon lights as your background image. Given that our knowledge of every single skyline isn’t all that extensive, it’s impossible to tell which metropolis this is, or even whether it’s a genuine city on our planet, from the image above. In any case, it’s visually appealing, if not a bit hectic—there are real moving automobiles and flashing lights down there, which raises the likelihood of missing some of the more crucial elements, to say the least.

A woman in the middle of it all, superimposed on that urban vista and then dropped behind some awkwardly bolted-on text explaining that this is an HD live casino, and that you will receive a 100 percent sign up bonus, up to the value of £200, $200, or €200, is one thing you will never forget about it all. It’s amusing that so much care has been devoted to the backdrop while the words themselves are just a few touches shy of being visually attractive. It’s not the worst deal ever, but it’s certainly not the finest either. Nonetheless, it all succeeds in maintaining our attention on the screen and prevents us from wanting to flee to the closest competing site, which is more than can be said for many other websites.

What Exactly Is a Live Casino?

The first of the menu choices available at the top of the homepage will lead you to the Live Casino portion of the website. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll find more attractive ladies, this time posing next to a roulette wheel, and if you scroll down a little farther, you’ll notice three click-through images, one for each of the live games you may participate in.

Live gambling over the internet is always a bit of a laugh, to be honest. However, on the one hand, the concept is excellent and helps you feel a bit more like you’re part of something larger than yourself, as opposed to simply some man in a room on his own, trying not to lose his rent money. On the other side, they may be a touch sticky and unresponsive when using a sluggish connection, so you’d be best off sticking to the other alternatives in such situations.

QuartzCasino offers live baccarat, live roulette, and live poker games, which you may choose from. All of these selections are very ordinary, and they aren’t likely to wow even the most ardent gamblers. But in a less is more argument, they are also the winning points—you don’t really need much more than the above-mentioned three to make a compelling case.

Let’s not go out to eat tonight.

Yes, it is a reasonable conclusion to reach. QuartzCasino also has a large selection of slot machines for your gambling pleasure. It has to be noted that there is a fantastic range here, with lots of new games under the ‘New’ area at the time of writing this review, which makes a refreshing difference when compared to a lot of other slot sites.

There are additional jackpot games available, as well as a casino. It has to be noted that the jackpots are very restricted, which is a pity since we’re great lovers of the game. On the other hand, casino games are significantly more diverse in terms of what is available, yet they still adhere to the three fundamental disciplines of Roulette, Baccarat, and Poker as its basic offerings.

More fascinating table game alternatives have been discovered abroad, with some casino websites providing games we’d never heard of before — not least those that have dedicated sections dedicated to titles from the Far East. The actual question is whether you’re here to separate the wheat from the chaff, or if you’re here for the type of exhilaration that can only be found in fresh experiences, as was the case the first time.

On the whole, the games may not be particularly diverse, but they are of a very high quality, and ultimately, that is what matters. As a result, there isn’t much to complain about – QuartzCasino does what it does very well, and that is already an improvement over the sort of thing we are (disappointingly) accustomed to seeing online.

Is there room for one more VIP?

When it comes to VIP access, there’s always space for another, thanks to the fact that your ‘importance’ increases as your spending and gaming habits increase in sophistication. The benefit of this is that as you go through the levels, you will be able to claim higher prizes and discounts, which isn’t the worst thing in the world. Beginning with Bronze and progressing all the way up to Diamond, the levels are divided into three categories.

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